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Anti-Slide Wall

The Anti-slide Wall is an adjustable flat piece that is placed to the golfer's left side. When adjusted properly, the flat piece is a few inches from the upper left thigh at the golfer's address position. As the golfer swings, the flat piece prevents the lower body from shifting or sliding too far to the left during the swing's forward motion. By not allowing the body to slide too far laterally it produces more body rotation. This prevents the golfer's spine angle from increasing due to over-sliding the lower body during the downswing.

    This piece not only prevents sliding, but also serves to make sure the golfer gets his or her weight over to the left side at the finish by allowing the left leg and the hip to be flush against the plate. 

Business Opportunity

BENOLT, LLC, owners of the MEGSA Equipment, is for sale. Interested parties, please call
Bill @ 904-923-3623

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