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MEGSA Base Model
Base MEGSA PPE Stations

Specially designed mat to encourage a fundamentally correct setup and ball position for each shot.


Improves the takeaway and downswing plane of the club head and shaft with physical feedback.


Promotes extension and a proper folding action of the left arm after impact eliminating the weak chicken-wing position that is very common.

Controls the path of the hands in the follow-through.

Maintains the body's posture throughout the swing.


Designed to regulate the height of both the left and right arms during the backswing and the right arm in the follow-through. Also serves to hold the post impact bar.

Helps speed up the hips during the downswing, it can also assist in developing a fuller hip turn during the backswing.


Eliminates over-swinging of the arms in the backswing and produces greater extension for golfers whose backswing becomes too narrow.

Prevents a lateral sway, maintains right knee flex and makes the right knee move inward on the forward swing.


Prevents the arms from moving away from the body and coming over the top or moving outside the preferred plane during the downswing.

Eliminates excess movement of the head up and down, forward and backward and side to side.


Used to prevent excess lateral sliding or to promote proper weight transfer to the left side.


Business Opportunity

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