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There are a number of MEGSA-based academies around the U.S. and the world, providing golf instructors with the use of the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment as the focal point of their teaching.

The MEGSA PPE can be used both indoors and out. Indoors, the student is videoed in the MEGSA Unit while hitting balls into a net; outdoors, the same video is done, but balls are hit onto the range. In either situation the student sees themselves in the proper position throughout the swing.


Because MEGSA will not allow the student to make a poor move, the correct feel is learned very quickly. The student gains confidence that they are doing the new move correctly every time. The equipment is designed with a numbering system so that once a student has their particular settings they can return and set it up exactly as it was in the lesson.


Get your students doing what you are teaching them to do-quickly. If you use video, by showing the before and after shots you will build credibility with your students. This also convinces students to stick with the new feelings and changes. You're also able to get students to change three or four things at one time while only thinking about one. Because of the feedback produced, instead of thinking technically, students use awareness and feel  to avoid the pieces thus becoming less technical.

Business Opportunity

BENOLT, LLC, owners of the MEGSA Equipment, is for sale. Interested parties, please call
Bill @ 904-923-3623

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