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Rave Reviews


"MEGSA is an outstanding piece of equipment.  The changes I have seen with my students border on remarkable and, at times, almost unbelievable.  Problems with the golf swing that have been long-standing have been changed dramatically for the better in a very short period of time."

— Martin Hall, Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor & Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor

"As Dave Pelz once said, 'One can only learn if he has knowledge of the results of his actions.'  That means that a person can only learn if he has accurate reliable feedback.  MEGSA gives an individual the best opportunity to learn by providing an opinion about what he is doing each time he swings."

— Leo Van Wart, Director of Golf

The Lakes Golf Club

"Mike Bender's MEGSA is one of the best golf training aids ever created in golf.  Mike has applied his knowledge as a top instructor and player to develop a tool that accelerates learning for players of all levels. Specifically, MEGSA provides golfers with the most essential feedback needed (concurrent and error-based) during training to ensure that they will improve their golf skills."

— Rick Jensen, Ph.D.,

Sport Psychologist

"Mike Bender's MEGSA training equipment is simply the most complete, most useful practice system I have seen in more than ten years covering the game's teaching & training methods. I've seen hundreds of swing improvement aids in my job & can tell you that this is simply the most useful device I've ever come across."

— Lorin Anderson, Former Managing Editor of Instruction


"I love using the MEGSA Equipment with my students.  I think it really speeds up the learning process.  My students get instant feedback on how to implement what I am teaching."

— Scotty Hofer

Class A PGA Member

Lead Instructor at

MetaGolf Learning Center

"It is the most effective teaching aid on the market.  My students love it because they do not have to guess any more."

— Stan Sayer

Director of Golf

McGetrick Golf Academy

"I have had the privilege of using MEGSA and I am impressed with the results that it is producing. You could call it the perfect learning tool and not be more accurate, since the learning requires no conscious thought but is pure right-brain educated. This will simplify and expedite the learning of this difficult game that we all love."

— Hubert Morris M.A.

Mental Coach

President, Total Focused Golf

"The MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment has been a part of my swing training since 2004. In the off-season and during non-tournament times, I used the equipment several hours a day. It allowed me to make swing changes very quickly and enjoy success on the LPGA Tour at a young age. If you want to improve your swing MEGSA is the only way to do it."

— Seon Hwa Lee

LPGA Tour Player

Business Opportunity

BENOLT, LLC, owners of the MEGSA Equipment, is for sale. Interested parties, please call
Bill @ 904-923-3623

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