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Right Knee Stabilizer

The Right Knee Stabilizer serves three important functions for the right knee. First the 90-degree bend in the back serves to keep the right knee in place so that it cannot move laterally to the right during the backswing. It accomplishes this by providing a barrier directly behind and to the right side of the knee.

    The second function is a ball that fits directly behind the knee joint at the address by applying light pressure against the joint. If the golfer tries to straighten the knee it will cause him to lose balance by pushing the body's weight out to the toes.
    The third function of the stabilizer is the curved piece in front of the knee. This serves to only allow the right knee to go forward and inward during the downswing.
    Many golfers tend to move the knee outward as they start down instead of parallel to the target line which can cause many problems.

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